Team 1 Result Team 2
Look OKGGOKGG Fri, 09/22/2017 16:00 Kawaii Kiwis
Look Hydr4 GamingHydr4 Gaming Fri, 09/22/2017 19:00 2LateGaming Alpha
Look Imperial GamersImperial Gamers Sun, 09/24/2017 19:00 Raging Vikings
Look Phantom Star GamingPhantom Star Gaming Sun, 09/24/2017 19:00 Tempus eSport Club


Name Team Value
Look TEMPUS GudirTEMPUS Gudir Tempus eSport Club 36
Look KiWi DarkSawKiWi DarkSaw Kawaii Kiwis 31
Look RVK InfinityRVK Infinity Raging Vikings 30
Look RVK LimiRVK Limi Raging Vikings 27
Look ExterminaciónExterminación KW eSports Club 27


Name Team Value
Look aitorsanseaitorsanse 2LateGaming Alpha 26
Look Damn MonkeyDamn Monkey 2LateGaming Alpha 22
Look FuracornechosFuracornechos 2LateGaming Alpha 22
Look ŠhådØwŠhådØw 2LateGaming Alpha 21
Look KiWi xVeriKiWi xVeri Kawaii Kiwis 21


Name Team Value
Look ShawlerShawler Kawaii Kiwis 62
Look KiWi EurusKiWi Eurus Kawaii Kiwis 55
Look RVK IcebluemanRVK Iceblueman Raging Vikings 53
Look TEMPUS Rek4koTEMPUS Rek4ko Tempus eSport Club 47
Look TEMPUS CloudTEMPUS Cloud Tempus eSport Club 42

Gold earned

Name Team Value
Look IGM AzarovIGM Azarov Imperial Gamers 54297
Look IGM IsmaelIGM Ismael Imperial Gamers 53213
Look RVK LimiRVK Limi Raging Vikings 52370
Look ExterminaciónExterminación KW eSports Club 51177
Look RVK InfinityRVK Infinity Raging Vikings 51054
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